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About Adam Signore

Adam's first love was the blues. 12 years old and sitting on the basement stairs watching his older bro play guitar in a blues band, who definitely lived up to their name: "The Cadillac Blues Band. Man the blues goes right to your soul. Also the first band Adam would start honing his rock photography skills on, but wouldn't pick up again in earnest until decades later. please have a look around this website, which highlights his many relevant skills (CD Artwork, Posters, Concert Photography & Video to name a few)

Love of Music. A constant in his family, his parents were either playing musicals or Jazz. Adam's Mom in particular loved Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli & Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France, Billie Holiday and the like. She also had an ear for modern music and one day heard him playing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and came in, sat on his bed and listened to the whole album. sort of made Adam nervous, which meant talking too much. She shushed him and said "please! I am trying to listen". she was responsible for his first trip to the Berklee Performance Center when she took him to see Stephane Grappelli perform live!!!! As time went on he would see many more national bands there. George Thourogood, The Pretenders, Dire Straits, Herbie Hancock, another list that goes on and on. Early teens, ahhhh. so much music, but time marches on!

Of course moving into the late 70's rock eras it was music like Led Zeppelin that would be his. of course the blues undercurrent was part of that but he is at heart a Metal Head - Punk - Rock and Roller. Through high school and later Adam was always hunting out the latest and greatest from local music scenes. The New Models, Private Lightning, Human Sexual Response, Mission of Burma, Lou Miami & The kozmetix, the list goes on and on.

Around the early 2000's after a 23 year stint in high tech as an Engineering Tech and Software Engineer, Adam was feeling something of a music drought. He started looking around and just like that his eyes were opened. On the local scene. Bands like Worcester's A Ton Of Blues and rock bands like Clutch Grabwell came into focus quickly. Using his engineering skills in researching local music it quickly turned into a fire hose of music unabated til this day. Adam has something of a documentarian side and the thought of going to a music venue without a camera makes him twitch. Many many years of local rock photography are screaming to be made into a book.

It was at this point he decided to re-invest in his love of photography to help promote music. He has also decided to use his technical, graphical, software & social media skills to also help promote local music. Below are some examples of this.

To assist the local scenes, Adam started "The List" which continues today online HERE . He started an online venue map, Laconia Bike Week Music schedules. More recently (March 2017) Adam started at Mark Skin Radio with two 60 minute programs that showcase the absolute wealth of great indie music being made today. Added to that shortly after was a 2 hour blues program featuring local and national blues artists. currently the two 1 hour shows have been combined into a single 2 hour show, The Original Music Showcase Fridays @ 6pm est. Also catch Adam's Blacksheep's Garage Mondays @ 2:30pm est ( a local + hybrid show ). In October of 2022 The Original Music Showcase was nominated for a Boston Music Award for Best Radio Show in Boston supporting primarily local artists.

Tune into the Original Music showcase this (any) Friday @ 6pm and see why people gush over his set lists. I guarantee I'll help you #FindTheNewMusic - Click here for our online player

While this re-awakening was going on, the activities listed above led to some great relationships that have expanded who Adam is and what he works on. Website, Social Media & Sales Management for The New England Blues Summit, Social Media/Web for Rhythm Room Afternoons Concert Series. The radio shows have led to countless freindships with so many bands and labels, Rock Garden Records, Rum Bar Records, Red on Red Records, Aldora Britain Records, Grungepop Records to name a few. Although Adam is not in the Video Biz any more. these days it's strictly concert photography, you will find video, national and local photography, graphics work, CD Artwork and more if you poke around this website.

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