HD Video with High Quality Audio at a LOW, LOW PRICE!
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About Roving Recordings

Roving Recordings is run by Adam Signore, owner of Signore Web Design and was borne out of his great love of seeing (and recording)live music. Located in the greater Boston area there is a wealth of magnificent local Boston bands and venues to choose from. You'll notice in our examples that there's a particular love of the Blues, but he loves all kinds of music. If you visit our YouTube page (become a subscriber too!) you'll notice a progression in the quality of the video & audio. Starting with standard definition video with lousy audio from your typical hand held digital camera, to similar quality video with better audio and finally great HD Video with brilliant Audio. We've invested a lot of time and money and can now create some of the best audio/video around.

About our HD video recording process, editing and audio features

Our packages come with HD video and high quality audio. During recording we also generate a separate (and higher quality) MP3 audio file.

We are currently recording video and audio at the following specs:
  • Video:
    • AVCHD HD Video (1440x1080 resolution)
    • 30 Frm/sec
    • 256kb audio (external high quality sourced)
  • Audio:
    • Separate high quality MP3 Audio (package dependent)
    • 320Kb Sampling Rate (better than CD audio)
  • Editing:
    • HD editing (package dependent)
    • Video enhancements when needed
    • Watermarking for venue/band brand promotion

list of Packages

We offer several packages to meet your needs. Are you looking for a live clip of your band to put in a website? or several to seed a YouTube channel? Don't rely on people with little hand held's doing your work for you, have you heard the sound? ick. We'll get you something to be proud of.

for more detail see our Packages Page. To accommodate any budget we offer several packages, priced by the hour that include the following:
  • Video only, no editing
  • Edited video, no audio
  • Edited video and Separate high quality audio file(s)
  • Audio only
  • Edited audio (mastered for a CD)

HD Video and Audio Recording - Where we do our best

If you call up and ask us about recording at the B.O.A. Pavilion or the TD Garden we'll probably suggest you keep looking around. However if you are playing at any one of the myriad clubs, pubs or music venues like the Paradise.... Let's talk.

Our Service Edge Guarantee

Our Service Edge Guarantee is simple:

"If you don't want the finished video, you don't have to pay for it"

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